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False Advertising Class Action Lawsuits

If you bought a product relying on false statements in the seller's marketing, you are a false advertising victim. And you can fight back by starting a class action lawsuit.

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Did you buy a product only to find out later that the advertiser lied to you? You may be able to fight back.

If you buy a product in reliance on a materially false statement in internet or TV advertisements, e-commerce products listings like on, or on product packaging or labeling, you may be able to sue the advertiser (which may also be the manufacturer) for false advertising in a class action lawsuit.

We would love to hear from you about the false advertising that you have experienced.

When you contact us, you will need to provide the following information so we can quickly evaluate your case:

  • Your name and state where you live;
  • The name of the product, ideally with links to internet product listings;
  • The place where you purchased the product , the price, and the approximate date of the purchase;
  • A description of the false statement, including where the false statement was made (i.e. in an advertisement, product listing, or on a label);
  • Whether you have returned the product or otherwise received a refund (note that if you have received a refund, it may be difficult for you to bring a claim);

We will review your submission and get back to you as soon as we can.

We welcome you to submit your false advertising experience to us using our online case submission form or by calling us directly at 415-955-1155, ext. 120.

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