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Contingency Fee Copyright Lawsuits

We've litigated copyright infringement cases for years in federal courts around the country. And we occasionally take copyright cases on a contingency fee basis, depending on the extent of damages and the type of infringement. We would be happy to consider your copyright matter as a potential contingency case.

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For over 15 years, Kronenberger Rosenfeld has litigated copyright infringement lawsuits involving the internet and digital media. Our copyright litigation experience includes claims of infringement arising from stolen photos, web graphics, website code, databases, mapping data, advertisements, books, various types of artwork, instructional manuals, e-commerce listings, and other types of media. While our firm often bills by the hour for copyright litigation, we do bring some cases on a contingency fee basis, where our firm only collects a fee upon successfully resolving the copyright infringement dispute.

We welcome you to submit your copyright infringement case to your firm for us to consider taking the case on a contingency fee basis. However, please note that damages in contingency fee copyright litigation need to be significant for it to make economic sense for our law firm. Ideally actual damages should be in the significant six or seven figures for us to take a case. If a copyright registration has been filed prior to the infringement, permitting statutory damages, the infringer still must ideally have generated significant revenues from the infringement for our firm to consider the case. Subject to these qualifications, we would be happy to hear from you about your copyright infringement case.

We welcome you to submit your copyright infringement matter to us using our online case submission form or by calling us directly at 415-955-1155, ext. 120. Please note in your submission to us that you'd like us to consider your case as a contingent fee matter.

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