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Cannabis Law

Kronenberger Rosenfeld is an industry leader in representing clients in new and nascent industries, including in cannabis and hemp law. We bring our experience in advertising law, regulatory compliance, intellectual property, and crafting website agreements to this growing legal space.

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Navigating Uncertainties

With cannabis still illegal on a federal level, we know it can be challenging for our institutional clients to assess risks and build their companies in a way that will withstand rapidly adapting laws. Our experience in anticipating our clients’ future needs in other cutting-edge industries has prepared us to work with clients to provide realistic predictions about the kind of legal challenges they are likely to face. And, as the law governing the growth, processing, marketing, and distribution of cannabis products takes shape, we alert our clients to changes so that they remain compliant.

We can also assist with any marketing claims you may want to make in our advertising. Due to the significant risks in this area, a thorough legal review of your marketing claims is essential prior to starting your advertising campaigns. In a related area, we regularly conduct reviews of marketing claims for CBD products to ensure compliance with state and federal laws.

Protecting Consumers

As part of our cannabis law practice, Kronenberger Rosenfeld advocates for consumers who have been misled about the content of THC, CBD, pesticides, and other chemicals in their products. On February 1, 2021, our firm brought a class action claim against Total Life Changes, LLC—a company that sold products labeled as “0.0% THC,” when, in fact, they contained THC as alleged in our complaint. If you are interested in learning more about this lawsuit or have experience consuming a Total Life Changes product that was falsely labeled as “THC-free,” please call or email us to have someone from our offices contact you.

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