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Daily Journal Recognizes Kronenberger Rosenfeld as a 2015 Top Law Firm Boutique

General News & Firm Announcements   |   Friday, October 16, 2015

In a special issue, Daily Journal recognized the top giant slayers –the small, yet innovative law firms in California that have litigated complicated matters against large companies, and won. Kronenberger Rosenfeld was one of 25 firms selected to this list for its success in Internet litigation.

Since the firm’s inception in 2003, the attorneys have secured victories on behalf of their clients in all types of Internet-related issues. In the Daily Journal feature, Partner Jeffrey Rosenfeld discussed the pending lawsuit filed against Google Inc. and Waze Inc. on behalf of competing GPS navigation app PhantomAlert Inc. “The CEO realized that Waze had basically taken their entire points of interest database wholesale, copied it and installed it into their own database and application,” he said.

The copying was discovered using the age-old mapping technique of including fake data in the database, similar to “trap streets,” which is the term mapmakers use for fake data placed in a map to catch people copying their work.

Additionally in the past 12 months, the firm brought a unique claim against private business jet provider Netjets Inc., for allegedly violating the 1920s era Railway Labor Act, but using social media and hacking to violate the statute instead of the tactic in the 1920s of sending spies into union halls. Partner Karl Kronenberger explained the social media aspects by commenting, “The company impersonated union members and tried to bait them into violating the law in order for the company to get leverage.”

Kronenberger Rosenfeld’s twelve-year focus on Internet law and policy has allowed them to bring precedent-setting cases, to find new ways to apply existing laws to Internet-related issues, and to deliver effective legal solutions on Internet and technology matters.

Read the full article here.

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