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The San Francisco Bay Area remains a major center of gravity for high-tech and internet technology companies, and the State of California is home to many landmark court rulings on internet and technology. Our location at the heart of it all gives us unparalleled access and exposure to what’s happening now in internet law.


Each of our attorneys has an extensive education and background that contributes to our specialized online expertise. And our size makes us agile - we’ve successfully litigated complicated matters against companies and law firms of all sizes.

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All things online

By focusing solely on internet-related matters we stay at the cutting edge of this swiftly-changing landscape. And just like the internet, this expertise extends around the globe. Our firm counsels clients worldwide on all types of internet-related legal matters.

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Telemarketing can be a high risk activity Telemarketing can be a high risk activity
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general practice area category
How to Fight Back Against Anonymous Online Attacks

How to Fight Back Against Anonymous Online Attacks By Liana Chen, Attorney Kronenberger Rosenfeld Malicious Posts On The Rise We live in a time when...

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FTC / Advertising Law Compliance practice area category
FTC / Advertising Law Compliance
CLIENT ALERT–DNC and ADA Class Action Updates

Companies marketing to consumers should be aware that there has been an uptick of litigation involving the National Do Not Call (“DNC”) Registry, which allows...

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False Advertising & Defamation practice area category
False Advertising & Defamation
Firm Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Aydin Aghdashloo against Afshin Parvaresh

On June 15, 2021, the firm, representing Aydin Aghdashloo, filed a federal complaint against Afshin Parvaresh, which is available here. The case is captioned Aydin...

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Privacy & Cybersecurity practice area category
Privacy & Cybersecurity
Disparity between California’s Privacy Laws and Class Action Discovery Rights Embodied in Case Law

The enactment of the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) in 2019 strengthened certain privacy protections for consumers. The CCPA protects consumers by requiring businesses to...

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